Why do you need eyelash extensions?

I am not blessed with beautiful, long, impressive eyelashes.  Mine are pretty non-existent until I whip out my mascara and apply a few coats, so I’ve always been interested in other ways of accentuating my lashes.

After becoming a Glossy Box ambassador I received two tokens which allowed me to receive a HD Brow AND a Blink + Go Lash Extension treatment which I quickly booked up with excitement, so that I’d be transformed and gorgeous for the Christmas party season.  I visited the Karen Betts clinic in 1 Harley Street to film and document the whole process of HD Brows & Blink + Go extensions with Glossy Box, which will be online soon to watch (I’ll post it here when its live)!

(I’m reviewing my whole HD Brows treatment in another blog post because it is quite lengthy, so stay tuned for that!)

Before I start yapping away about the procedure, here are the before and after photographs with my brand new lashes and brows!


Blink + Go procedure – The whole procedure takes around 20-30 minutes and is pretty straight forward!
You and your consultant talk through the look you want to achieve with your lashes, whether it be subtle or striking.  I chose to have relatively natural looking lashes because I hardly ever wear falsies and thought it would be quite a leap to have full on false-looking lashes.

You have to keep your eyes open throughout the whole treatment (to prevent the glue sticking your eyes together!) which does become slightly uncomfortable as your eyes do start to water (from the fumes of the glue & from not being able to blink often) but after a while your eyes adjust and it isn’t that bad.  Your consultant will hold your eye open and apply lashes one by one, building up a few layers until the desired affect is finished.  And voila – you are left with gorgeous, fluttery lashes.

I love that you can hardly tell that they are false in the photograph below – they are attached so well and beautifully that they look so real.


Aftercare – You can’t use any oil based makeup removers whilst having the lashes as it loosens the glue so they will fall out quicker.  You can’t wet your eyes or go swimming for 24hours after treatment.

One thing I loved about these lash extensions was that I couldn’t see or feel them – one thing I despise with falsies is how heavy they make my eyes feel and how I can see them when I wear them, but with these I hardly noticed I was wearing them until I touched my eyes.  The lashes did start irritating my eyes after a few days but only in the evenings when I was tired; when I opened my eyes and looked up I could feel them digging into my skin which was uncomfortable but not unbearable.  One or two also fell out every day after the treatment but because there were so many it wasn’t noticeable.


About Natasha

I qualified with Nouveau Lashes in 2011 and have since gained extensive experience in eyelash application. I am a diligent and creative person and have an excellent eye for detail, and as a qualified nurse for over 8 years, my clients can rest assured they will be well taken care of!