Double flare individual lashes, by Elegant Lashes.

I love how more and more people are warming up to individual flare lashes these days, but sooner or later they’re gonna start wishing some lash company out there would make a super thick version of them. Right?!

Well, even if that’s not what you were thinking (yet) that’s exactly what we did. We went ahead and added double the amount of hairs per knot so you get double the thickness, double the lusciousness, and double the volume of regular flare lashes. We aptly named them Double Flares. Check out these bad boys~

compare-LO (1)

Don’t tell me that didn’t get you excited. Just look at how plush and luxuriously dense they look. Last time I checked, no other false eyelash brand out there has flare lashes as dense as ours. AKA, these are by far the hairiest, thickest flare lashes you will EVER find on the market! Look at how crazy full and lush that looks. It’s unbelievable how much hair is packed into each cluster. With that being said, the knot (the bulb part of the eyelash that you dip into the glue) is a bit larger than what you’re used to because there’s so much hair packed in each cluster so make sure you do your best to snuggle the Double Flare lashes between your natural ones. (You can watch a tutorial on how to apply individual lashes here.) It might take some getting used to but I absolutely love the results I get from wearing these and it looks like makeup artists also can’t get enough of our Double Flares!


About Natasha

I qualified with Nouveau Lashes in 2011 and have since gained extensive experience in eyelash application. I am a diligent and creative person and have an excellent eye for detail, and as a qualified nurse for over 8 years, my clients can rest assured they will be well taken care of!